About Us

About KePA :


KePA Andalusite & Garnet group is a professional producer for Andalusite (an aluminium nesosilicate mineral with the chemical formula Al2SiO5. ) that is mined for use in high-temperature refractories and Garnet (a group of abrasive minerals) which is widely used for Garnet sand, Garnet abrasives, sand blasting abrasive and water jet cutting media. This company has 3 super large, high-quality Andalusite-Garnet mines, located in Malayer, Hamedan, Iran with reserves of more than 90 million tons. KePA Co. owns a large-scale processing plant, relying on rich, high quality Andalusite and Garnet mineral resources, with the use of advanced production and processing technology. The plant’s product contains Andalusite in 5 desired sizes and Garnet in 6 desired sizes. With an annual output of 12000 tons of Andalusite and 8000 tons of Garnet abrasives, KePA Co. actively explores the international market based on the industry demand.


Our Company:

In 2013, the owners of GSZ Company cofound KePa Company in order to start the greatest andalusite-garnet trading in Asia. This company is known for the great value mines and high quality products in the region. Our staff has extensive and proven experience in refractory world, due to the experience we have gained in our sister company GSZ Co. Currently, Kepa Co has over 100 people working in various areas of the company. We have training programs for our workers so they can achieve excellent performance in their work areas. kePa encourages continuing education and training of human resources. Work with us promotes a healthy, communicative, and respectful environment that ensures personal and professional development of its employees or collaborators. To achieve our goals, management has decided to commit important resources and skills.