About Andalusite:

Andalusite is a naturally occurring alumina-silicate used mainly in the manufacturing of refractory products in the form of shapes, castings and monolithic. This mineral is mostly used for the iron and steel industry. Amongst others, it is also used in the aluminum, cement, foundry, and glass industries.





Andalusite-based refractories are used principally in iron and steel making, mostly in monolithic linings in blast furnaces, stove brick and checkers, torpedo transfer, hot metal mixers, casting ladles, and induction furnaces, Andalusite shapes are used in cement kilns, the glass industry, in and in induction furnaces.

Andalusite refractories are also used effectively under abrasive conditions where high loads and high temperatures exist. Also in stack linings and kiln furniture, monolithic cast able linings, ramming mixes and heat exchangers, heat treatment furnaces.

While andalusite consumption in the Western Hemisphere has traditionally been at a low level, because of restricted availability, industrial furnaces in the world have now the opportunity to reduce costs by effectively utilizing a world class andalusite.

Andalusite generally provides certain advantages in refractory applications:

  • high mechanical strength
  • high thermal shock resistance
  • controlled low volume expansion
  • good creep resistance

good resistance to chemical attack/ reactions